Wednesday, February 10, 2016

phone devices

Rooney, B. (2010, December 29). Apps we use: Word Lens [iOS]. Wall Street Journal. Available 2-16 from

You might ask why I'm referencing something six years old. It's actually a question. Sometime last year a student showed me this, and showed me how one could put one's phone up against any sign, and, given that one had the appropriate phone and languages loaded, one could get the sign translated immediately. I talked about this a little, here, because I was interested in what it offered and what it would do to the language learning world.

According to this article Google acquired Quest Visual in May 2014 and has now incorporated this feature into its Google Translate app.

So this reference really is a documented history of the development of a phone app that ultimately will be very important, I believe. What they describe, basically, is that you can tell your phone to translate anything, and it will. With some exceptions, of course.

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